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UVC Germicidal Hand Lamp

UVC Germicidal Hand Lamp


UVC Germicidal Hand Lamp

UV hand held lamp kills Ebola virus in seconds.
UV Light Tech NZ announce the launch of their high-intensity UV Germicidal hand lamp which will kill viruses or bacteria, including Ebola, in seconds without the need for chemicals.
This handheld UV germicidal light is ideal for mobile, rapid disinfection of surfaces and air. Its unrivalled performance offers the opportunity to achieve a 99% reduction of the Ebola virus in 5 seconds over a surface area of 500 mm x 500 mm. This enables large areas to be decontaminated by slow-scanning movements of the UV light beam, resulting in significantly reduced risk of cross-transmission of Ebola infection.
The UV 400W Germicidal Hand Lamp can be used as a stand-alone solution, or in combination with current cleaning methods to further reduce the risk of infection.
The mobility of the UV handheld lamp will be particularly beneficial in the current Covid-19 crisis for applications such as disinfecting protective clothing prior to removal for those working in an Covid-19 risk or infected environment. Decontamination of isolation rooms, hospital wards or ambulances and even public transport, for example, seating on an aircraft or bus used by suspected carriers of the virus.
NOTE: This kit includes the UVC Germicidal Hand Lamp, light shield and resting bracket, 5m connecting cable, UV protective face shield, carry bag and operating, maintenance and safety manual.
High output UVC germicidal lamp for disinfection of surfaces and areas that are otherwise difficult to effectively disinfect.
  • High UVC output at 254 nm
  • Rapid disinfection of surfaces and equipment
  • Contains UV 400W Mercury (Hg) bulb
  • Includes power supply

By comparing the UV light output of the lamp to published research regarding the Coronavirus, you can achieve a 90% reduction in Coronavirus from just 2 seconds exposure. Use a slow-scanning motion to disinfect equipment and surfaces ensuring potential shadow areas are also exposed.
For several years now this particular lamp has been used for disinfection of equipment and surfaces in laboratories. Other applications include:
  • Disinfection of hospital equipment and surfaces
  • Disinfection of rooms between uses
  • Disinfection of public transport, including trains and aeroplanes
  • Disinfection of care homes, surgeries, dentists and other healthcare establishments
  • Disinfection of medical items, food, packaging

PLEASE NOTE: UVC is extremely harmful to the skin and eyes. The operator must wear a full UV protective face shield (supplied) along with gloves and full protective clothing. (Not supplied). It should be used when no other persons are present unless also wearing PPE. In addition, the kit includes our UV light safety publication and risk assessment template.
Current uses include disinfection of hospitals, care homes, surgeries, schools, nurseries, transport, equipment, incoming packaging & more.
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