StoreArt Model

StoreArt Model


StoreArt Model

The smart STOREART model allows for excellent storage of all manner of materials. Constructed using 650gr tarpaulin PVC sheets as a cover, this is a great customisable choice where 2-pitch ridges and different materials for sheeting and cladding can be explored.

PrimeHort are leaders in professional greenhouse applications as well as systems and technologies for protected crops. Our team offers full support for any installation, from the design phase to after-sales service - every effort is made to ensure 100% customer satisfaction, with maximum productivity and yields.

All greenhouses are considered according to customer and crop requirements. For more information and a detailed quote, please reach out to the team.

Technical features:

  • SENDZMIR Z275 galvanized steel structure or hot dip galvanized
  • Foundation with or without concrete
  • SENDZMIR Z450 central
  • Side gutters
  • Wavy PVC Roofing sheets (ONDEX) or sandwich panels
  • Gable ends closed with wavy PVC sheets (ONDEX) or sandwich panels
  • Ridge vents on demand
  • Single or double leaf sliding doors
  • Structure with u201Carch ridgeu201D or u201Csloped roofu201D

WIDTH (mm):

  • 10200
  • 12000


  • 5400 (for the 10200)
  • 6300 (for the 12000)

For more information and a customised quote, please contact us today.
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