Pottiputki Carriage System

Pottiputki Carriage System


Pottiputki Carriage System

A new, modern and complete plant carriage system for the professional planter. Based on old and proven principles, yet refined for today's demands. Adding this collection into our range of Pottiputki products makes the family complete. Professional planters love the new Pottiputki plant carriage system, refined for an adjustable, comfier fit and designed to meet your goals.

Indent orders only

A) 3-PPSSB - Single Unit Shoulder Strap & Belt

B) 1 x 3-PPTHB (C) and 2 x 3-PPBL (D)

C) 3-PPTHB - Single Unit Twin Harness & Belt

D) 3-PPPBL - Planter Boxes

E) 3-PPPBC - Hip Cushion

F) 3-PPSB - Soft Bag

Contact sales@primehort.co.nz to place your indent order now!
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