Plastic Culvert Pipe

Plastic Culvert Pipe


Plastic Culvert Pipe

EUROFLO is a twin walled culvert ppe made from HDPE (high density polyethelene). This premium grade product is the only culvert pipe in New Zealand that has a double ribbed exterior for extra strength. The interior sports a smooth bore for superior flow as well as ensuring there is less internal silt build-up. EUROFLO is manufactured to last for 100 years in New Zealand conditions.

Easy to handle, maintinance and rust free, EUROFLO is also resistant to chemically aggressive soil conditions.

SN4 rated

Have a socket on one end so easy to join

  • Sizes:
  • 135mm x 5.85m
  • 175mm x 5.85m
  • 225mm x 5.85m
  • 275mm x 5.85m
  • 350mm x 5.85m
  • 430mm x 5.85m
  • 530mm x 5.85m
  • 640mm x 5.85m
  • 850mm x 5.85m
  • 1031mm x 5.85m


*Please note, pick-up only (no culvert deliveries)
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