Heated Bench System

Heated Bench System


Heated Bench System

Our greenhouse heating systems are tailored to your growing environment, with innovative technology to meet the needs of new construction, upgrades or retrofits.

For propagation, the importance of controlled heating cannot be underestimated. Increasing soil temperatures help seedlings form a good root base. Faster seed germination and higher plant survival rates are further reasons to invest in heated propagation. Ornamentals, shrubs, and crops such as peppers, tomatoes, melons, and cucumbers all benefit from heating.

Options include on-bench, in-bench and under-bench heating. Each system is durable and efficient.

In-bench heating delivers the heat directly to the potting media. For growers, these integrated root-zone heating systems cut fuel costs, save energy and result in thriving, successful crops.

On-bench heating fits directly on top of your greenhouse benches. Under-bench heating solutions are fully customised and are designed to heat the air below the crops and let it rise naturally through the benches and crops.

For an energy saving bench top system, a water-heated tubing system is proven for producing healthier plants quicker. This product has been around since 1980 and is ideal for propagation areas, seasonal use areas, or entire greenhouses. This is one of the most flexible heating products ever developed for greenhouses.

Rest assured, our team can identify the best solution to maximise your crop yields. We can take care of the entire project from initial brief to installation and aftersales care.

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