Fertilpot NT Range – 1L

Fertilpot NT Range - 1L

# 3-FPNT14

Fertilpot NT Range - 1L

# 3-FPNT14
Fertilpot NT Range of 1 litre pots are made of wood fibre and support faster, healthier propagation of revegetation species, ornamental plants, vines and trees.

  • Very dense and active root hair development
  • Ability to transplant without waiting for roots to develop into growing medium
  • No transplant shock
  • Improved plant establishment speed and quality
  • More u201Cevenu201D batches
  • No root deformation (coiling, knotting, folding, girdling, spiraling, strangulation)
  • Accelerated plant growth
  • Reduction in pot size required meaning less potting mix, less nursery space
  • Reduced area required for cultivation
  • Faster repotting and/or planting (no need to remove pot)
  • Extension of planting periods
  • Elimination of time wasted collecting plastic pots
  • No cost of recycling
  • 100% biodegradable, organic product
  • Transformation into humus which improves soil fertility
  • Manufactured from renewable raw materials without the use of glues or binders.
Pack size
Fertilpot NT Range – 1L
Fertilpot NT Range - 1L 14 x 10.5cm 3-FPNT14
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In Stock
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