DR Potting Machine IVS822TR1

DR Potting Machine IVS822TR1

# 16-DARIVS822-TR1

DR Potting Machine IVS822TR1

# 16-DARIVS822-TR1
Machine suited for filling plastic pots. Automatically load from the destacker onto the rotating head which does the following: filling, dibbling and expulsion onto transplant belt. Machine speed and amount of peat can be adjusted to determine the density of the filling process. Big pots can be used if loaded by hand. The easy adjustment allows rapid adaptation of the machine to various kinds of pots.
  • Peat filling hopper
  • Rotating head with expeller
  • Pots destacker
  • Rotating dibble
  • N. 7 drilling tips (from 30mm to 90mm)
  • Fixed speed transplant belt

  • Rotating table mod. T100
  • Destacker for soft pots mod. DM
  • Adjustable pot destacker by
hand wheel mod. DV2N
  • Bar seeder mod. S6
  • Blade seeder mod. S4
  • Fertilizer dispenser mod. DO1
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