DaRos Watering Boom

DaRos Watering Boom


DaRos Watering Boom

Watering booms consist of modular aluminium profiles with standard height of 120mm to avoid any possible bending, independent from the step of greenhouse construction.

The booms run safely inside the profile without noise thanks to the special Vulkollan wheels. Thanks to the aluminium profiles, the system is light and easy to install.

The full optional control panel with touch screen is graphically intuitive and allows an immediate programming.

  • Double rail in aluminium with internal wheels running cavity
  • Recoil system cart in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Irrigation bar pulling bar in steel complete with 4 vulkollan coated bearings
  • Self-driven head (Motor 0,37 kW) that activates the steel cable for cart's pulling
  • Watering system with double pipe in stainless steel, adjustable height
  • Main water pipe diam. 40mm
  • Recoil unit with pulleys
  • End switch on both greenhouse and walls
  • Manual valves for left and right irrigation
  • Self cleaning solenoids
  • Extra nozzles on sides
  • Control panel with touch-screen display

  • Remote control
  • Multiple remote control
  • Dosing unit arrangement
  • Independent and adjustable sides nozzles
  • Treatment pipe 16 bar max
  • Double solenoid for automatic left and right irrigation

  • Boom structure made of strong, modular 120mm deep aluminium runners and are not heavy or stressful on the greenhouse structure
  • Water pipe movement is more uniform with the use of the big wheel / recoil system
  • The water pipe is barely visible and there is no pipe hanging down affecting access or walkways
  • No components or other materials that can cause oxidising in the water
  • There is no sideways swinging movement, giving a very even watering and no sound when the boom is in operation
  • Option of mobile dosing/fertigation unit for each boom and individual spray nozzle that reach the very edges of the greenhouse and internal walkway
  • Ability to operate remotely (however, we must know about this prior to ordering)
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