DaRos Trayfiller RC2

DaRos Trayfiller RC2

# 16-DARRC2

DaRos Trayfiller RC2

# 16-DARRC2
Machine for filling polystyrene plastic trays and pots completely inside shuttle trays. The filling system used here allows homogeneous filling into several types of trays (also with small cell sizes). Thanks to the mechanical speed adjustment, both of compaction rotor and transport belt, it is possible to adjust the density of filling. The trayfiller is equipped with level sensor to load automatically the peat into the filling head. The machine can feed directly a seeding line or a transplanter, avoiding handling and storage of trays.

  • Soil hopper
  • Transport belt for trays
  • Filling head
  • Brush group

  • Destacker for polystyrene trays and trays with inserted packs mod. DC2L
  • Adjustable destacker for polystyrene trays and trays with inserted packs mod. DC2R
  • Automatic thermoformed tray destacker mod. DC500
  • Automatic pot destacker mod. DV500
  • Vibrating table

  • Production Capacity: Up to 600 trays per hour
  • Hopper Capacity: 700 to 1000L
  • Maximum Tray Size: 600x400x130 mm
  • Installed Power: 2,3 kW, 400 V, 3PH+N+E, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 470 to 525 kg
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