DaRos Seeder LS7-3

DaRos Seeder LS7-3

# 16-DARSEELR7-3

DaRos Seeder LS7-3

# 16-DARSEELR7-3
Electronic seeder that allows to use small quantities of seeds (naked or pelleted), thanks to its dibbling and seeding mechanism row by row. This machine dibbles, seeds, covers (with Vermiculite/Agriperlite) and waters. The ease adjustment and the possibility to substitute the seeding bars and the nozzles, allow to seed different types of seeds.

Thanks to an independent dibbling unit it is possible to set: number of seeds per hole, seeding speed and number of trays to seed.

All these adjustment and the belt speed can beprogrammed at the touch screen control panel.

  • Support frame
  • Tray advancement belt
  • Dibbling group
  • Bar seeding group
  • Vibration covering group
  • Watering group seeds

  • Seeding bar mod. BFB
  • Nozzles mod. UG
  • Drum covering group (vermiculite, agriperlite) mod. GRR
  • Belt covering group (peat) mod. GRTS
  • Watering and stacking unit in stainless steel mod. LBI
  • End rolling table mod. RS

  • Productivity Capacity: 50 to 200 trays per hour
  • Maximum Trays Size: 7600x400x130 mm
  • Installed Power: 0,5 kW, 230 V, Single Phase, 50 Hz
  • Air Consumption: 50 to 150 L per minute
  • Weight: 730 kg
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