DaRos Seeder LR1200

DaRos Seeder LR1200

# 16-DARLR1200

DaRos Seeder LR1200

# 16-DARLR1200
High capacity electronic sowing line suitable for sowing up to 1200 trays per hour.

All the main working adjustments of the line are controlled from the central touch-screen display. The special software installed allows the storage of sowing preferences according to seed type and sowing quality.

Changes made at the central touch-screen pad can control all equipment including tray destacking, tray filling speed, sowing preferences, covering, watering and tray stacking.

  • Tray De-stacker (for polystyrene trays)
  • RC1200 Tray Filler with 650L hopper
  • LR1200 Drum Seeder
  • Covering Unit with automatic recycling. (Suitable for perlite, vermiculite, seedling mix)
  • Watering Unit with 6 x watering tubes
  • Tray Stacking Unit
  • 3m Stainless Roller Conveyor

  • Multiple sowing kits (for different tray types)
  • Tray De-Stacker for heavy plastic trays
  • 3m In-feed conveyor to feed tray de-stacker
  • Tray filler with 900L or 2000L hopper
  • Covering Unit suitable for sand or pumice
  • Other options are available on demand

  • Max Tray Dimensions: 700 x 480 x 180mm
  • Production Capacity: 200 to 1200 trays per hour (depending on tray and seed type)
  • Installed Power: 9.5 kW, 400 V, 3PH+N+E, 50Hz
  • Air Consumption: 100 L per minute
  • Weight: 2730 kg
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