DaRos Potting Machine I5

DaRos Potting Machine I5

# 16-DARI5

DaRos Potting Machine I5

# 16-DARI5
This is a very tidy, compact machine, and is the go-to potting machine for leading edge nurseries. The I5 is simple to use and the changeover between pot sizes is effortless and fast!

It comes with an electronic interface control panel. Here you can set programs for your different pot sizes, set your pot numbers, speed of potting, including conveyor speed and soil feed volume, drilling (hole) depth and drill direction.

The machine is also fitted with alarms to alert the operator if soil or the pot denester is getting low; to ensure continuous production, and no unnecessary stoppages.

With the I5 and its ease of adjustments, you have the ability to accurately feed follow-on machines like a transplanter.

In today's industry, health & safety is a major factor in the employment sector. With the operator in mind, DAROS have fitted the I5 with an enclosed potting carousel and guards on potentially dangerous moving parts to ensure maximum operator safety.

The I5 is suitable for both round and square pots between 0.5L and 9L.

It has a potting capacity of 4000 pots per hour when potting into 0.5L pots. The I5 requires no pneumatic inputs and is almost 100% quiet when operating.

This machine is designed for medium to large nurseries where potting demands are high and time-saving is key.

IVS 5Ed version is available.

  • 750L Hopper
  • Suitable for pots between 10 to 24cm and 0.5 to 9L
  • Production capacity: 4000 pots per hour (depending on pot type)
  • 2.6m automatic pot in-feed conveyor
  • 3m pot take-off conveyor with 1900mm long tray holder
  • Spare drills 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 & 9cm
  • Stainless steel soil elevator paddles
  • Mounted on adjustable feet
  • Weight: 1150kg

  • Large drill set 10, 12 & 14cm
  • Soil exit door at rear of hopper with conveyor reverse function
  • Wheels for short displacement
  • Other pot take-off conveyor up to 6m long
  • Large pot accumulation table 1800mm diameter
  • Pot watering tunnel
  • Other options on demand
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