DaRos LI5 Potting Machine

DaRos LI5 Potting Machine

# 16-DARLI5

DaRos LI5 Potting Machine

# 16-DARLI5
Faster potting & better quality through automation. This innovative DaRos Potting Machine has adjustable speed, suitable for pots 15-40cm.

Full electronic controlled machine without any pneumatic devices.

  • Electric pot de-stacker
  • Transport belt with adjustable speed vibrator
  • Self-driven helix to clean the pots from exceeding of substrate
  • Electric drilling unit to make the transplanting hole

All adjustments eg: working speed, substrate loading, vibration power, depth and speed of drilling unit, are adjustable at colour touch-screen control. The quick and intuitive system for adjustments, allows the quick setting of the machine to the different needs while changing pot size.

The machine is then provided with a bottom belt to return the substrate that falls out of excess after potting and returns it to the hopper, while the pots continue clean. Finally, an acoustic alarm warns the operator about the approx. lack of pots or lack of substrate avoiding any empty working.

  • Pot Diameter: From 15 to 40 cm (up to 30cm with pot de-staker)
  • Hopper Volume: 2500L
  • Peat Loading Capacity: 250 L/min
  • Installed Power: 2,5 KW, 400V. 3F+N+E, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 1200 Kg. approx
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