DaRos I3-E Potting Machine

DaRos I3-E Potting Machine

# 16-DAR13-E

DaRos I3-E Potting Machine

# 16-DAR13-E
Electronic Potting Machine featuring a colour touchscreen control panel for automatic setting of potting and transplant speed, soil quantity speed, drill direction and depth. The pot take-off conveyor can be positioned left, right (or parallel as per in the image). Pot change-over is very simple by means of replacing 1 x plate to match the desired pot size. This machine is designed with operator protection in mind with extra safety guards and alarms. It features a pneumatic pot dispenser which works very well for most pot types up to 22cm/6L size. This machine is simple to use, fast, quiet when operating; and built for medium to large nurseries.

  • 650L hopper
  • Pneumatic pot de-nester
  • Pot plate disks (for each pot size)
  • Drill kit (3 u2013 9cm)
  • 3m pot take-off conveyor with 1900mm long tray holder
  • 1.6m pot in-feed conveyor

  • 1000L or 1500L hopper
  • Pot take-off conveyor between 3 u2013 6m
  • Pot accumulation table at the end of the conveyor
  • Wheels for short displacement
  • Other options on demand

  • Suitable For Round Pots: Between 8 to 22cm or 0.3 to 6L
  • Suitable For Square Pots: Between 7 and 15cm
  • Production Capacity: 500 to 3000 pot per hour (depending on pot type)
  • Air Consumption: 100L per minute
  • Installed Power: 2.3 kW, 400 V, 3PH+N+E, 50 Hz
  • Weight: 750kg
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