DaRos Soil Mixer – MX1000

DaRos Soil Mixer - MX1000

# 16-DARMX1000

DaRos Soil Mixer - MX1000

# 16-DARMX1000
The DaRos Soil Mixer MX1000 is a smart investment for plant nurseries looking to reduce labour costs and increase productivity. By removing the manual effort of mixing soil, your team can focus on other tasks in the nursery.
This safe and easy-to-use Soil Mixer is suitable for blending most growing media types with accurate, uniform results. The large 1000L hopper rapidly mixes at 3-5 minutes per cycle.
The mixer comes with a powerful 6.2kW, 400V motor to drive the internal mixing auger. A touch screen control panel makes it easy for adjusting mixing times, substrate hydration, and automatic or manual unloading.
The DaRos Soil Mixer is perfect for customising soil blends to meet the needs of different plants, while optimising growth conditions. Consistent soil quality leads to healthier plants, higher yields and better overall performance in your nursery.
DaRos have a proven reputation for robust machinery construction, designed for long-term reliability.

  • Machine comes with a Soil Exit Conveyor (2300mm long) allowing direct unload into other machines e.g. Paper Pot Machines, Tray Fillers, Potting Machines, Soil Bunkers etc.
  • An internal soil hydration pipe can be controlled automatically to moisten the substrate (if you choose).
  • Mounted on two wheels and a hand tow hitch means the Soil Mixer can be easily moved.
  • Large 1000L Hopper.

Our specialised Nursery Automation team can install, provide staff training and strong after-sales care.
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