Coco Mixing Line ML-T

Coco Mixing Line ML-T


Coco Mixing Line ML-T

Enquire about our fully automated Mixing Line. Remove the need for a potting mix supplier. Store up to 1000 recipes! Available in customised sizes, with capacity of processing up to 90m3 per hour.
The mixing line can mix raw materials like peat, moss, coco peat, wood-fibre, perlite, bark, and so on, with additives like limestone, fertilisers, trace elements and more. These Mixing Lines can be tailored to meet your requirements and available mixing space.

Dimensions: dependent on layout and customised to suit available space. Power: 400V u2013 3 phase + 0 u2013 50Hz (other voltages upon request)

  • Perfectly mixed substrates
  • Just-in-time production
  • High-end quality
  • Savings on raw materials and additives (remove the potting mix supplier)
  • Possibility to add soil delivery line to feed multiple fillers

Optional Extras:
  • Water dosing system
  • Volume measuring system
  • Vibrating units in various sizes to dose your additives
  • Various voltages
  • Various sizes hoppers and belts
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