Monorail Irrigation Boom

Monorail Irrigation Boom


Monorail Irrigation Boom

The Monorail Irrigation Boom is the most cost-effective option for greenhouse irrigation booms and helps you optimise your work and save water. This low-cost irrigation boom should pay itself off within the first year of installation!
Suitable for small to medium sized greenhouses, the Monorail Irrigation Boom is not heavy or stressful on the greenhouse frame.
Basic programming includes, speed adjustment 1 - 10m/min, watering date & times, number of watering passes, pre-drain setting, and creation of watering zones.

  • Quick to install.
  • Water supply: hose-fed.
  • Tri-Jet nozzles for 3 different spray options.
  • Filter & solenoid valve included.
  • 230V, single phase power input.
  • Handheld Remote Control (optional).
  • Heavy duty galvanised steel monorail.
  • Custom-built to fit greenhouse structure.
  • Zone-watering capabilities.
  • Dosatron venturi (optional).
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