Fast Bagger Machine

Fast Bagger Machine

# 16-FASBAG2

Fast Bagger Machine

# 16-FASBAG2
Proven Bagging Machines with a range of options to suit your needs. Our Mobile Baggers are an innovated and proven design

  • 2 models to choose from and different options
  • Operator comfort due to ergonomic design
  • Fully welded steel construction
  • High torque drive roller and self cleaning idler
  • Heavy duty European built gearbox and motor
  • Tough chevron belt
  • Nylon wear material for less friction
  • High toque Drive system for heavy loads
  • Pneumatic foot pedals for safety
  • 240 and 300 bags/hour, depending on setup and product
  • 2m3 and 3m3 bagging machines
  • Conveyor drive or roller table
  • Timing 1/100 sec

  • 3m3 MOBILE BAGGER, this Bagger has a 3m3 hopper and is built to handle heavy products like sand, moist sand and pebbles. This Bagger is optional for fully self contained with a diesel generator, compressor, product conveyor and room to fit toolboxes for bags and other handy accessories to suit your needs.

  • 2m3 MOBILE BAGGER, this Bagger has a 2m3 hopper and is built for products like sand, moist sand and many more products. This Bagger is fully selfcontained with a diesel generator, compressor, pneumatic foot pedals and roller table.

  • All our Baggers have spinners for loosening the product at the bulkhead for easy flow and gates to set the volume.
  • The 2m3 Mobile Bagger weighs under 1000kg and can be towed by vehicles with a towing capacity over 1000kg.
  • The 3m3 Bagger weighs under 2000kg and can be towed by vehicles with a towing capacity over 2000kg.
  • Fully self-contained 2m3 / 3m3 bagging machine, with Diesel 6,5Kw generator, compressor, sealer and can be set up under 5 min.
  • These Baggers are built to handle products like, sand, crusher dust, bark chips etc.
  • These Baggers are great for DOC and Regional Emergency Services etc. as they handle moist sand use for sandbagging, onsite bagging at construction sites, and nursery's and farms.
  • The Bagger2/3m has options like sewing machines, bin mirrors, fire extinguishers with generators, toolboxes. Led work lights, switches for quick fill and more.

NOTE The Bagger's can only be towed with an empty tank.
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Fast Bagger Machine
Fast Bagger Machine 240 to 300 bags per hour 16-FASBAG2
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