DaRos LC1 Tray Washer includes external filter

DaRos LC1 Tray Washer includes external filter

# 16-DARLC1

DaRos LC1 Tray Washer includes external filter

# 16-DARLC1
If nursery trays are not carefully washed and sanitised, plant disease, pests, viruses and other nasties can thrive. By cleaning the trays the next seedlings are given a healthy start. When done manually, tray washing is a slow process and can lack quality control. Seedlings grown on a commercial scale that have health issues can be destructive to growers as they try to rectify the problem.

The complete Tray Washing line model LC1 is entirely built in stainless steel and is suitable for cleaning seedling trays made in polystyrene, hard plastic and thermoformed plastic (an extra version is available to process hydroponic growing trays to a maximum size of 600 x 1000 mm).

Each tray is moved in a horizontal position by a double transport belt with adjustable speed. Inside the washing tank a minimum of eight high pressure nozzles are positioned, in which at least 2 nozzles are rotating nozzles. Note, the number of nozzles depends on the type of tray to process. The water is supplied at the nozzles with a pressure between 10-12 bar. The water is continuously recycled through a large external water filter and replaced every 6-8 operating hours. The washing tank is provided with a water input fitting, two drains and an overflow outlet.

A disinfection unit is installed after the drying fan; it holds two fixed nozzles, a collecting basin and recycling pump. All electric devices are fixed in a waterproof stainless steel panel.

For certain uses, it is also possible between the de-stacker and washing tank to fit a shaker to eliminate as much peat and vegetal residues as possible from the tray walls so that the washing and filtering of recycled water is more efficient (this feature is optional). Intensity of shakes and number of shakes can be automatically set on the control board.

  • Empty trays De-stacker Unit
  • Washing tank with double drawer filter
  • Vertical centrifugal pump
  • High capacity external filter
  • Drying Fan unit to eliminate the water dripping before disinfection.
  • Disinfection unit
  • Stacking and final collecting roller

  • Tray shaker (to get rid of excess soil, etc)
  • Rotating cleaning brushes
  • Extra Drying Fan

TECHNICAL DATA Production Capacity:
  • Up to 500 trays/hour
  • Maximum Tray Size: 700x500x200mm
  • Installed Power 13kW, 400V, 3PH+N+E, 50Hz
  • Weight: 600kg
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