Coco Mill CM100

Coco Mill CM100

# 16-CM100

Coco Mill CM100

# 16-CM100
This compact and mobile machine is designed to rehydrate and loosen 5kg coir blocks in a simple, effective, and fast manner. Gentle on product with minimal amount of water required. Capable of processing up to 10m3 of finished product per hour.
As the coir blocks are gently tumbled inside, the Coco Mill CM100 gradually adds water to the blocks. The coir absorbs the water quickly and the moisturised material is removed directly from the machine onto a conveyor belt (equipped with a sensor to automatically start and stop the machine).
  • No loss of water
  • European quality
  • No spillage of dirty water
  • No loss of structure
  • Maximum volume retention
  • Humidity level of ready-to-use coconut is adjustable
  • No dust thanks to closed machine

Dimensions with 1400mm outfeed belt:
  • Transport position: 2500 x 1545 x 2065mm
  • Working position: 4330 x 1545 x 2065mm

Dimensions with 2900mm outfeed belt:
  • Transport position: 2900 x 1545 x 2065mm
  • Working position: 4660 x 1545 x 2065mm

1100-1400kg (depending on optional extras)
Max size blocks: 5kg blocks
Max load: approx. 13 blocks

Optional Extras:
  • Input tray
  • Infeed belt semi-automatic
  • Outfeed belt
  • Big wheels
  • Various voltages
  • LED lighting inside
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