Hexagonal Aluminium Bench Set

Hexagonal Aluminium Bench Set


Hexagonal Aluminium Bench Set

An amazing 4 piece Heaxagonal Display to create an exciting focal point for plants. This unique display will create emphasis to any plants and capture a would-be shoppers attention.
A display that would work around structural elements like posts, or in limited spaces like in the vicinity of the check out counter where more traditional, rectangular tables would not fit, these sets of hexagonal tables have become a distinguishing feature of most garden centers updated with our ebb and flow display solutions. Their being easily moved around and reconfigured, creating a different layout in less than one minute, gives you incredible freedom and a chance to continuously freshen up the look of your retail area.

Dimensions: 1: 1150mmL x 1000Wmm x 350mmH 2: 1150mmL x 1000Wmm x 550mmH 3: 1150mmL x 1000Wmm x 750 mmH 4: H 850 mm
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Hexagonal Aluminium Bench Set
Hexagonal Aluminium Bench Set 4 Piece bench set, Comes with capillary matting 15-BHEXDIS
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