Frequently asked questions.

At PrimeHort, we often get asked similar questions from our customers. To make it easy for you, we have compiled them all here for quick reference.

Why won’t my order process? It keeps saying my address is wrong.

Have you filled out every address field? For delivery accuracy, our website requires full address details. To correct this issue either give us a call on 0800 12 77 46 or follow the steps below:

Log in > click the little green person icon (top right) > Go to ADDRESS and click edit > make sure all fields are filled out > click SAVE ADDRESS.

Note: Follow this step for all addresses saved here. You should now be good to go!

When can I expect my order to arrive?

Sometimes challenges are outside of our control, but we remain committed to freight reliability. If your order is in by 3pm we still honour same day despatch. Strong supplier relationships ensure we are given priority to get stock to us and to keep costs down, we rigorously look at ways to avoid double-handling of goods.


Does PrimeHort have a recycling solution for pots & trays?

Our pots are number 5 polypropylene plastic which can be recycled at most of the main recycling centres throughout NZ – but check with your local depot first.

For bulk recycling, companies such as Future Post can assist and will advise where your nearest drop off point is located.

Our battleship grey thermoformed pots are made out of 100% recycled products and are free of carbon black composition. Customers are also embracing our wool products e.g. wool matting squares which benefit the environment while offering great benefits for plants – improved insulation and water retention, leading to an increase in survival rate.

Our carbon neutral efforts are ongoing and we actively support community events such as tree planting. Read more here: Cultivating Community.


Is it a good idea to order in bulk?

With price rises ongoing we strongly support volume deals. Products that pass through our hands less will always translate to savings. At least 80 percent of our products have a bulk buy initiative to help customers achieve significant savings.


Is PrimeHort committed to sourcing new products?

We always keep an open-mind to new product suggestions and ideas. To keep our finger on the pulse, we also invest time into research and training. Talk to us!

A good example is the Nursery Automation space which is forever developing.

When finding new products, we are loyal to our suppliers and give them the first opportunity to source on our behalf. We attend international trade shows in person or online. We also have a global sourcing company in Europe who specialise in connecting us to relevant businesses or attend trade shows on our behalf. This partnership is a vital cog in our business for keeping us relevant and competitive.


I want potting mix, can PrimeHort help?

Potting mix in NZ is sold pre-mixed in bulk or in traditional plastic bags. For an equally premium outcome, order our pressed 5kg coir fibre or pressed sphagnum peat. This is a great option for commercial growers or the home gardener. Talk to us for advice and to find out more about the benefits of Coir (Coco Peat) here: Coir is a winner from husk to hort.


What after-sales care can I expect with nursery automation?

Automation in nurseries is booming and the level of enquiry we receive continues to increase. People are constantly looking at ways to improve productivity and we have invested in a specialised team to assist. Our service extends long after a sale, including technical support onsite or virtual based, using video and conferencing technology.

Mostly we offer direct support, but if we are unable to help we have reputable auto electricians and other contractors who work well with our team. Talk to us today.


My website order is on backorder when will it arrive?

We know delays can be frustrating. But to help you plan, our website will communicate timeframes and our team will also keep you posted on shipping and delivery dates.


What warranties can I expect with automation machinery?

Warranties will vary according to the machine. But as a rule of thumb, most of our automation warranties cover any defects in manufacture and the main driveline. Worn parts are not covered. At the time of purchase we can discuss the warranty details.


Does PrimeHort carry automation parts in stock?

We carry a good inventory of critical parts. For anything we do not have, the airfreight service by FedEx is available from all of our suppliers to keep downtime to a minimum.


Where can I find the latest PrimeHort Product Catalogue?

The latest PrimeHort Product Catalogue is under the Promotions tab of our website.

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