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Coir (coco peat) is proving successful.


Interest in Coir as an addition to traditional peat and bark is on the rise. This natural and renewable resource is derived from coconut husks and is a sustainable and cost-effective growing media solution.

As an artificial substrate, Coir has excellent properties, is readily available and does not contribute to deforestation. A coconut husk’s natural resilience allows Coir to be reused for multiple growing cycles, further enhancing its eco-friendly profile.

Benefits of Coir for healthy plant development include:

  • Excellent aeration and water retention without waterlogging
  • pH between 5.5-6.5, suitable for a wide range of plant species
  • Create customised potting mixes to suit
    Stock certainty of Coir and compatible fertilisers.
  • Automation-friendly
  • Freight savings and bulk volume discounts available
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FREE Coir Trial!

Find out more about this sustainable and cost-effective growing medium with a free Coir Trial led by PrimeHort. A trial allows you to compare the results of Coir against existing potting mixes. This risk-free approach lets you see firsthand Coir’s positive impact on plant health, growth rates, and overall crop yield.

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