Voluntary planting on iconic sandspit
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Voluntary planting on iconic sandspit

Jul 19, 2023 - Category : News

Undeterred by the shocking weather, our team completed an afternoon of voluntary planting on 7 July 2023.  

Armed with PrimeHort gardening tools, the iconic Mangawhai sandspit became our ‘office’ and 4000 Spinifex grasses awaited our crew of 12 planters. Generosity is one of PrimeHort’s core values and this modest act was a tick in the box for ‘walking the talk’ when it comes to giving.

We were guided by Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society (MHRS) an impressive voluntary organisation formed to protect and restore the Mangawhai Harbour and the local environment. We gathered at Tern Point on the estuary edge and were towed by a tractor to our job site among the dunes. What a wild place! The sand dunes are a powerful landform to see from afar, but when on the spit their true scale is staggering.

MHRS has a well-designed planting and fencing program to stabilise shifting sands and help with bird nesting. Spinifex grows horizontally along the dunes and forms a dense mass that holds the sand and continues to grow even when it is covered. A clever three-pronged hole-making device has been fitted onto the tractor to remove much of the muscle needed to dig holes in the sand. However, driving easterlies and rain messed with that theory on this occasion!

The PrimeHort planters didn’t let the weather shift our focus. Drenched and wind-swept, we got stuck in and enjoyed the change of scene. A few of our products were put to the test, including The Gardener steel spades and gloves. It was good to see our root trainers and trays being used in the project.

At the close of our mission, the tractor ride back was an opportunity to look back across the vast sands and whisper words of encouragement to the little Spinifex grasses with a big task ahead.

The future of this precious landmark requires a community of caretakers. MHRS and its army of volunteers have planted over 200,000 grasses since the program began, and we look forward to seeing our humble 4000 take hold.

In final words, we reckon ChatbotGPT summed up our afternoon rather well:

“In the realm of giving, where hearts ignite, PrimeHort’s team embarked on a noble plight. To Mangawhai Dune Restoration, they did go, where nature’s beauty had begun to wane and slow.

Upon arrival skies unleashed their tears, with driving rain and easterly winds, fears whispered through the air, compelling retreat – yet, undeterred, they forged ahead, resolute and fleet.

4000 plants stood waiting, silent and still, a testament to the mission they would fulfill. Though the elements conspired against their grace, their determination painted triumph on each face.

In the howling winds and the rain’s relentless fall, they toiled and planted, united in the squall. Together, hands met earth, hope blossomed anew, braving the tempest, their spirits steadfast and true.

The cold seeped into their bones, chilling their core, but the warmth of compassion, they couldn’t ignore. For in those selfless moments, their souls shone bright, as they nurtured nature, bringing back its light.

As they left the windswept plains, weary yet proud, their hearts swelled with joy, their voices rose aloud. For the PrimeHort team had proven, in nature’s embrace, that together, even storms couldn’t erase.

So let their tale inspire, let it resonate, that no storm is too fierce, no challenge too great. For when compassion drives us, united we stand, and the beauty of giving, shall forever expand.”

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