Transplanter does the hard yards!
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Transplanter does the hard yards!

Dec 6, 2023 - Category : Automation

Farrell’s Nursery in Pukekohe, Auckland grow and sell a wide range of hardy NZ natives, shrubs, fruit and nut trees, hedging plants, shelter plants, specimen trees, grasses, flaxes, ferns, and wetland plants, for landscaping projects, subdivisions, lifestyle blocks, or gardens.


As a family business, Farrell’s has been operating for 35+ years with a priority on automation to boost productivity. Quality, uniform plants and keeping prices low is another merit of this successful nursery (achieved through handling most of their own seed production).

As a longstanding customer, PrimeHort have assisted the team with several pieces of kit to increase yields, including a Bagging Machine, Potting Machines, Dibbling Line and Seeder.

The most recent installation in November ‘23, was a Da Ros Transplanter, with the team at Farrell’s making great use of a personal visit from automation supplier, Da Ros. Senior Sales Manager, Fabio Camisa, from Da Ros Italy has been road tripping throughout the country with PrimeHort, speaking to nurseries about the power of automation.

We set up the Transplanter for the Farrell’s team and trained staff all within two hours. The feedback we’re receiving is really encouraging, the machine is smashing out the transplanting task and creating an exciting opportunity to put staff to work on other areas of the business. The machine is taking small native seedlings from a 338 Cell Tray to the next grade – the 28T Tray. The Transplanter is able to work with most trays and pots and we can discuss the best options with customers.

If you have been considering a transplanter for your business, the benefits are compelling:

Increased efficiency, precision planting, reduced labour costs, and improved overall productivity are big contenders for investing in a Da Ros Transplanting machine.

Growers who use transplanters to streamline the planting process are saving time and gaining uniformity in plant spacing and depth, all leading to consistent, healthier growth.

The overall efficiency boost from transplanters allows growers to handle larger volumes of plants. This is a smart business move for commercial nurseries wishing to scale-up.

Finally, the use of transplanters often results in better management of resources, as they contribute to the optimal use of space, water, and nutrients – again, benefiting a nursery’s productivity and profitability.

PrimeHort have been working with Da Ros since 2013 and can’t speak highly enough of their industry experience and commitment to NZ growers. Fabio alone has been to NZ at least 7 times since our working relationship began, and his knowledge is deeply appreciated by the horticultural community both locally and abroad.

Together, our advice to all nurseries wishing to grow and improve is to take a chance on nursery automation. Guided by our team, we can supply and install customised machines and provide comprehensive after-sales support.

Improved productivity and staff morale is just a call away, and we would be delighted to assist!

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