The Essentials Guide
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The Essentials Guide

Aug 28, 2022 - Category : Retail

Like a fish needs water, the humble nursery pot, bag, tray and stake are absolute essentials for growers! While fairly ordinary items by definition, they are vital for a successful planting season. Good stock availability and products of a high quality can make a huge difference to productivity, profitability and even staff morale.

PrimeHort have been immersed in horticultural and landscape supplies since 2002. From new 4000sqm facilities, the warehouse and office is a hive of activity – despatching thousands of products to growers and garden centres across the country. From a product catalogue extending 290+ pages and this extensive website – every item has been considered to help our customers maximise crop yields.

In this article, we put the spotlight on a few top sellers that are proving invaluable for our grower customers. Would any of these items lift productivity and profit in your nursery or orchard? Are you sorted for the season ahead or can we help? Do not hesitate to contact the team to discuss tailored solutions for your business.

  1. Thermoformed Pots – light, strong and resilient, these pots are perfect for nursery automation with a strong broad rim for de-stacking in potting machines. They offer fantastic drainage and are UV stabilised for NZ conditions. Full range of sizes available from .35L – 1.5L. Made from 100% recycled product, our Battleship Grey Pots are popular too. We also have coloured and printed pot options – call to discuss.
  2. Super Lift Handled Planter Bags – These bags have been designed by a genius for faster bagging. The sewn in round base means the bag holds itself open for speedier filling. Heavy duty with good drainage to promote growth, they are rip-resistant and easy to carry. We also have a full range of traditional non-handled planter bags in a range of sizes.
  3. Stakes – from Bamboo to Hardwood, Fibreglass and Treated Pine we have good stock availability of quality stakes. Wind can be devastating to plants and these customer favourites will help support roots and encourage superior plant growth.
  4. Tree Ties – from cloth, rubber, jute, plastic, eco-friendly and so much more, we have covered every tree tie possible for securing and protecting seedlings and/or trees.
  5. Smartgro Fabric Pot – made of natural, breathable fibres for a healthier root environment, this pot also has excellent insulation to protect roots from heat and cold. Another merit is the fabric weave gently traps the root tips to prevent circling and girdling of the roots, in turn encouraging dense lateral root structure.
  6. Seedling Trays – under our category propagation trays you’ll find a wide range of trays from 10 cell trays to 338 cells to open punnet trays – something for every operation. Our bestseller for native seedlings is the 28 deep square cell tray – automation friendly and easy handling with superb drainage.

This is just a very brief snapshot of some PrimeHort bestsellers that help customers with productivity, lower costs and increase quality.

We know stock certainty is crucial in today’s business environment so we do encourage regular ordering – but rest assured we have really amped-up our inventory levels to support you in a bumper season ahead.

Give us a call if you would like advice on suitable products – we would be delighted to help.

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