‘One-stop-shop,’ that’s our business.


‘One-stop-shop,’ that’s our business.

Feb 24, 2022 - Category : Automation

A true adage indeed for describing PrimeHort and in this article we catch up with Joel Wearmouth who shares an update about greenhouse supply and how every innovation possible is explored for new projects that cross his desk.

In its simplest form, PrimeHort are leaders in supplying a complete nursery package that can include the greenhouse structure and all internal fitouts. From the ground up – no stone is left unturned, from irrigation booms, benching, LED lighting, climate control products, shade screens and nursery automation to suit an industry that’s hugely diverse.

One common ground is the demand for increased productivity, lower costs and better quality crops. Joel respects that for large-scale nurseries, farm block start-ups, or the home gardener – the right solution will always look different and a customised package is the answer.

We look at typical questions the team are fielding when discussing a greenhouse project:

What are some of the benefits to expect?
Customers love seeing production outputs increase, that’s a big winner. It can lift morale and livelihoods. Some people are concerned that if they automate e.g. a potting machine, they may need to get rid of staff. Our response is that manual labour is removed, which frees up a team to focus on new proactive tasks rather than reactive ones. It’s an industry full of very good growers, so these skills can be utilised in other ways, maybe a sales & marketing role as an example.

Why pick PrimeHort?
Our point of difference lies in providing the complete package. Starting with a meet & greet to discuss and define a project brief (with no obligation at this point), right through to the full design, build, installation and after sale care. Customers tell us this is such a unique, enjoyable experience as they deal with just one supplier.As direct importers of all greenhouse structures and associated gear, PrimeHort can pass savings on to every customer (there is no middleman). It’s a bit like a housing group who manages all stages of a new build for greater control and reduced costs.

What are people nervous about?
Understandably, any new greenhouse project can be a significant upfront investment. PrimeHort offer finance or extended payment terms – we value transparency and will provide clear costs for budgeting purposes. We also remind customers of the numbers e.g. a $50,000 potting machine will punch out 4-5 times more than what one staff member can do alone.

Along with the numbers stacking up, fewer workers and health & safety issues can be a welcome thought. To boost morale, we can offer team training for all new equipment too.
Health & Safety continues to be a big consideration in the nursery industry. As the technologies improve, this area has also been refined. Today’s equipment promote safety, with all moving parts tucked away under guards or windows, and automatic machine stoppage.

Finally, customers are nervous about being left behind in a technology sense. Manual, hand potting is a good example. But as technology evolves, there are many exciting and affordable ways to improve your growing. We have our finger on the pulse for customised solutions to keep you ahead of the game.

What are some of the new trends emerging?
Climate control is a biggie, including truly innovative wetwall pad and fan cooling systems for faster temperature control.

Environmentally conscious growing is here to stay and paper pot machines are becoming popular. They’re stellar performers too, ranging upwards of 10,000 pots per hour, with the paper wrap breaking down organically.

Remember to get in touch! With PrimeHort, it’s a partnership approach and we’re here to provide expert advice to help you grow smarter – every day.

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Scion is a Crown research institute that specialises in research, science and technology development for the forestry, wood product, and wood-derived sectors. Scion appointed PrimeHort to champion their new Pilot Nursery because we could manage and supply every step in the project – from the greenhouse supplier to the automation and irrigation. We are delighted to be involved in such a unique, exciting project that is pushing boundaries to assist the industry as a whole.

Scion’s new Pilot Nursery is a containerised propagation research facility which will enable them to pioneer and showcase more environmentally and economically sustainable production systems.

In the first phase of the nursery upgrade the goal is to recapture Scion as an industry leader – demonstrating better ways to grow plants through improved hygiene, water, frost and heat management options, improved growing media and growing container options. Scion staff will also benefit with improved ergonomics, upskilling and reduced chemical exposure.

A launch date has been set for October 2022!

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