Mix it up for greater success!
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Mix it up for greater success!

Dec 4, 2023 - Category : Automation

Since 1986, Da Ros have been the movers and shakers of nursery automation across the globe.


Designing and manufacturing customised solutions with the goal of never settling for average is something we value at PrimeHort, and we feel honoured to have represented the brand since 2013.

It can be hugely rewarding seeing kiwi growers achieve new goals through the power of automation. Our team know that by specifying a quality machine from Da Ros, it comes from a pioneering leader who values innovation and tailored solutions.

From destacking, labelling, mixing and filling – there is no shortage of sophisticated gear to assist. This article focuses on the advantages of investing in a quality Soil Mixer.

Using a Da Ros Mixer MX1000 in your commercial plant nursery can offer several benefits:

  1. Consistent Soil Mixing: Da Ros Mixers provide uniform and thorough blending of soil components, ensuring consistent quality for your plants. It is also suitable for most media types with a 1000L hopper designed for rapidly mixing 3-5 minutes per cycle.
  2. Time and Labour Efficiency: The Da Ros MX1000 model is very safe and easy to use, while significantly reducing the time and effort required for manually mixing soil, which allows your staff to focus on other key tasks.
  3. Customisable Mixes: You can adjust the mixer settings to create specific soil blends tailored to the needs of different plants, optimising their growth conditions.
  4. Cost-Effective: By streamlining the mixing process, you can potentially reduce material waste and minimise the need for additional staff, leading to cost savings.
  5. Improved Plant Health: Consistent soil quality leads to healthier plants, which can translate to higher yields and better overall performance in your nursery.
  6. Enhanced Productivity: With a Da Ros Mixer, you can increase the volume of soil mixes produced, enabling you to meet higher demand and expand your business. The mixer comes with a powerful 6.2kW, 400V motor to drive its internal mixing screw.
  7. Reduced Physical Strain: Automation of the mixing process reduces the physical strain on your staff, promoting a safer and more comfortable working environment. The mixer can also be easily moved, being mounted on two wheels and a hand tow hitch.
  8. Reliability and Durability: Da Ros Mixers are known for their robust construction and durability, ensuring long-term reliability for your nursery operations.

You may wonder if your business is ready or big enough for a soil mixer? More importantly can you afford to wait? By incorporating a Da Ros Mixer into your commercial plant nursery you can increase efficiency, improve plant quality, and enjoy greater business success. The MX1000 is designed to work in with other Da Ros machines, so as you progress – the machine will too!

If you would like to discuss the merits of Nursery Automation and the possible ROI in your business, please contact us today.

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