Displays that grow on you!
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Displays that grow on you!

May 24, 2022 - Category : Retail

Retailers with smart storefront and shop floor marketing will always generate better sales than a lacklustre old-fashioned approach. Today’s shopper wants to find items quickly and be inspired by interesting displays so they can get stuck into a gardening project at home.

A strategic store layout takes thought and constant refreshing. Capturing the attention of customers is one thing, but how do you convert that into healthy sales of plants and flowers?

Have you considered PrimeHort’s retail display bench solutions?

Our modern display bench solutions enhance the character of each plant and allow for differing heights and shapes. Research says just 40% of the surface of a garden centre is used for the exhibition of products, and all unused space is still a fixed cost – so it becomes crucial to find ways to increase that usable figure. One example is adding a second and third tier shelf, which increases display capacity without stifling floor space.

From independent garden centres through to ‘one stop shop’ brands like Mitre 10, there are about 300 garden retailers in New Zealand. PrimeHort have been assisting with better space utilisation for about 70% of these retailers – all with the aim of increasing stock turnover and gross profit simply by presenting plants in a more strategic manner.

We have also had feedback from retailers who have avoided the expense of a shop refurbishment because our display options allow them to get more plants into their space, and in a more captivating manner.

Retailers have also suggested that smart presentation helps promote the concept of high-quality and healthier plants to their shoppers. An important message in today’s competitive environment.

For those retailers new to display benches, or those embarking on a shop fitout, or simply keen to add to their existing range – PrimeHort can assist with customised solutions and a payment plan to suit.

7 Key benefits:

  • Our display options are light and easy to move around the shop floor, which encourages regular change-out of displays.
  • For limited space, or to hide less attractive walls, our shelving options will create interest & increase display space per m2
  • Store refurbishment expenses could be avoided simply by adopting our streamlined display solutions.
  • Revitalise the shop floor with our contemporary displays (no more pallets to trip over, or dangerous water on the floor causing slips).
  • Ebb & Flood Self Watering trays do exactly that – self-water to reduce labour, boost staff morale and keep plants healthy!
  • Our wooden card holders allow retailers to uniquely brand their display units (up to 3m in length and height adjustable).
  • As a modular range, retailers can invest in units to suit their budget.


What are the top sellers? Check out our retail display benching – from fixed benches, shelving, hexagonal displays, basket hanger frames and more. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please just ask. Let’s create an inspiring shop layout and get the tills ringing hot at your shop!

Engaging displays will prove irresistible for the start-out gardener through to the seasoned grower.

For more information, contact Lachlan Bill on 0800 12 77 46.

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“Our garden retail range of displays from PrimeHort have created a vibrant shopping experience for our customers. But more importantly, the units are robust and easy to move around. The self-watering trays are awesome for keeping water off the floor and also reduce staff time & effort.”

Craig Flynn – Mitre10, Winton

“Shoppers are enjoying our modern displays from PrimeHort. For our team, it’s made watering and plant maintenance a lot easier. Our plants look better when grouped by certain features, colours or shapes. We’ve also made our space work harder & more efficiently per sqm. We look forward to adding more items soon.”

Paulette from Aeroview Garden Centre, Thames

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