A class above in both hardware and functionality
A class above in both hardware and functionality-1


A class above in both hardware and functionality

Dec 15, 2021 - Category : Automation

Towards the end of 2016 after doing a lot of market research Seedling Systems made the decision to purchase our first travelling irrigation booms to replace our traditional overhead sprinkler system.

We had looked at a number of possibilities including the idea of using a mobile watering boom to move between bays, but quickly discovered this required someone to be at the nursery whenever we needed to water.

We decided fixed booms while more expensive, meant less labour costs overtime and once in place, better control on our crops.

We had in earlier days settled with the fact of using typical overhead sprinkler systems throughout our glass houses and these did little more than just apply water to our seedlings when required.

What we felt, is that while we continually strive to offer a quality product to our customers with increased demands on supply and quality, we realised that we had to do something to get our plants to the market quicker.

We decided that we could greatly affect this by bettering the quality of our watering and fertigation application to our plants; and an overhead watering boom was one way to achieve this.

We chose the DAROS watering booms which were by no means the cheapest in the market but were more importantly a class above in both hardware and functionality.

We knew of a number of other reputable growers who had invested in these DAROS booms including; Waimea Nurseries, Leaderbrand in Ashburton and Gisborne, Appletons Tree Nursery and Southern Cypresses, which gave us peace-of-mind we had made the right decision.

By investing in the DAROS watering booms we were able to very accurately improve the growth stages of our seedlings. Our plant growth is very even and we can now stay on top of our customers’ demands for a superior product.

With the DAROS booms we can achieve watering and fertigation that you could never achieve with overhead sprinklers or hand watering. With the DAROS booms, we have the ability to set multiple watering zones and watering times for different seedling needs. We also do all our fert dosing through the booms. We can also operate any of our booms remotely giving us better control on differing crops.

Other good things to mention is, it is very simple to fix any blockage in the nozzles or change nozzle types if we choose to use a different water droplet size. The booms are silent when operating and because of their ridged structure are not affected by swaying from wind. There is also no pipes hanging in the walkways.

We are extremely happy with the DAROS watering booms; they reflect the professionality and market leader recognition that Seedling Systems is aiming for.

We can honestly say, that as our company continues to expand we would not look anywhere else for watering booms and would recommend DAROS as the watering booms of choice for any grower interested in investing in superior greenhouse irrigation.

Guy Morgan

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