Bagging Machine – Productivity, it’s in the Bag!
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Bagging Machine – Productivity, it’s in the Bag!

Jan 19, 2024 - Category : Automation

For nurseries to thrive and succeed, commercial growers are turning to nursery automation to reduce tedious and labour-heavy tasks in the workplace.


At PrimeHort we have prioritised new technologies to help our customers scale up their horticulture enterprises, reduce overheads and gain a competitive edge. One of the ways to remove manual handling of activities is the adoption of a quality Bagging Machine.

Together with our key partner in nursery automation, Italian supplier Da Ros, we have scrutinised NZ growers requirements and customised machinery to suit. We are honoured to work with Da Ros who are the worldwide authority in this space. Our working relationship began in 2010 and continues to get stronger every year as we support commercial growers to mechanise their hard work.

For increasing productivity, a Da Ros Bagging Machine will fill pots and bags fast, without compromising on quality. Fewer staff will be required for this activity, which leads to reduced overheads and less health and safety issues.

In our quest to boost productivity for our customers, we have placed a big emphasis on after sales care and gathering feedback from our customers to ensure we continuously improve. We talked to a few customers who have recently invested in a Bagging Machine, here’s what we discovered.

Carina McNie of Carina’s Native Nursery in Raetihi has doubled her bags per hour, going from 60 PB3 bags to 120, including de-flasking tubes and all related down-time. But what is really great for Carina is that she feels better at the end of a working day – far less exhausted.

Another customer in the Nelson/Tasman region, Select Breeding Solutions, provide plant breeding expertise to clients and develop proprietary cultivars. Using the latest and innovative nursery automation helps them to bring new releases to the market faster. Jo at Select Breeding had the following to say about their new Da Ros TV3 Bagging Machine.

“The TV3 Machine has worked well for us – we are really happy. We were potting 16,000, 2.5L pots a day with about 10 people de-flasking, potting and laying out. We have potted-up 100,000 2.5L pots in 2 weeks, so we’re pretty stoked!

What is also important for us is the versatility of the machine. We know we can use second-hand pots if we have to, or even PB Bags. It is a relatively low-cost machine with good versatility and that’s what we like.”

When considering a Bagging Machine here are some of the key benefits:

  1. INCREASED EFFICIENCY: Da Ros Bagging Machines can significantly streamline the potting/bagging process, allowing for faster and more efficient handling of plants. This will result in increased productivity and reduced labour costs. The TV3 Bagging Machine is easily operated by 1-2 workers.
  2. CONSISTENT RESULTS: Automated bagging machines ensure uniformity in packaging, leading to a more professional presentation of the plants. Consistency is crucial when fulfilling customer contracts for large volumes of plants.
  3. TIME SAVINGS: Automation reduces the time required for bagging plants, enabling growers to focus on other aspects of nursery management. This can be hugely beneficial during peak seasons when there are not enough hours in the day!
  4. TIDIER WORKING ENVIRONMENT: Because of the simpler production, the overall workplace is easier to keep tidy and more orderly overall.
  5. CUSTOMISATION OPTIONS: We understand that as a commercial grower it is essential to research a Bagging Machine against your specific needs. Our excellent working relationship with supplier, Da Ros, allows for a customised approach – resulting in a machine that aligns with your nursery set up and overall production goals. There will always be a solution and we enjoy a challenge!
  6. REDUCED MATERIAL WASTE: Automated bagging systems can optimise the use of raw materials and minimise waste. This will contribute to cost savings and help towards sustainability goals.
  7. IMPROVED PLANT HEALTH: Gentle and efficient handling during the bagging process can contribute to the overall health of plants. Limiting the stress on plants during bagging will ensure they arrive in peak condition to customers.
  8. LONGER-TERM COST SAVINGS: While the initial investment in a bagging machine may seem significant, the long-term cost savings from increased efficiency, reduced labour costs, and minimised waste can make it an easy decision for commercial growers.
  9. SCALABILITY: Da Ros Bagging Machines can be scaled to accommodate the growing needs of your nursery which offers peace of mind for the investment, ensuring it remains relevant and valuable as your business expands.

Reach out if we can help with your nursery automation goals, we would be delighted to assist!

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