Smart people. Smart solutions.

At PrimeHort, we focus on solutions. As the leading distributor of nursery supplies, garden tools and nursery automation, we look at every innovation possible to offer a solution that’s right for you.

We understand that quality crops don’t happen by chance. Behind your success is an innovative spirit and a commitment to improve, and we’re just like you.

We realise that meeting customers’ needs takes a lot more energy than being a one-stop-shop with a large product range. The extra-mile lies in outstanding service. It means responding fast, with affordable solutions. But it also takes a dedicated team. United by a strong set of values, PrimeHort has gathered some of the best people in our field. We’re also independent and family owned.

Every day our promise remains the same; distribute quality products with generosity at every turn. We do this by sourcing directly from the manufacturer. We’ve ditched the middleman to save your pocket!

For our retail customers, ‘The Gardener’ products are easy to sell and provide shoppers with a vibrant choice of garden hardware – stylish and practical, backed with our popular merchandising displays and Proven Gold warranties.

It all comes down to partnership. As you develop your landscape, nursery or retail business – we’ll be right here to nurture your success.

That’s how we’ll grow smarter together.


Customer First

If we give trusted and timely advice, our relationships will shine.


Dedicated Team

We are united by a strong set of values and a commitment to our customers.


Industry knowledge

Nurturing you with expert advice, smart solutions and exciting products.

Smarter growing

Our values. Our culture.

At PrimeHort, an extensive product range is just the beginning. We’ve gathered some of the best people in our field. Together as a team, we are united by a strong set of values and a commitment to your success.



At PrimeHort we honour our word, always. When business is hard and the easy option is tempting – we respect the right way. At the heart of every action is a good character, driven by honesty.

Team Spirit

At PrimeHort our team ethos is fuelled by determination and support. We arrive early, praise freely and understand the goals. If we all help with the difficult jobs, everyone succeeds.


At PrimeHort we know all tasks have deadlines and carry responsibility. We stay focused, make smart decisions and own our actions. By supporting each other, we can juggle and conquer more.


At PrimeHort if the expectation or request is not clear, we find out. With clarity on our side, it’s easier to prioritise and hit the goal. If we discuss the best course of action, we’ll add value at every turn.


At PrimeHort we give freely without expectation of return. Behind everything we do is a grateful attitude – thankful to our customer, community and team. We understand that success feels sweeter when shared.


At PrimeHort we recognise that clients are the reason for our business. Growing smarter means we challenge the status quo and change is welcome! If we give trusted and timely advice, our relationships will shine.

Helping out.

Generosity at every turn.

We’ve made it a priority to help causes close to our heart, including voluntary planting days, supporting children’s health, humanitarian aid and community care. Our team are striving for a safer, happier, greener and more prosperous world – one humble little act at a time.


Rapid Relief Team

RRT delivers hope and relief to people across the globe.


Fire and Emergency NZ

New Zealand’s unified urban and rural firefighting organisation.


Mangawhai Harbour Restoration Society

To protect, maintain and enhance our Mangawhai Harbour.

PHOTO-2023-09-15-16-39-10 3

Our promise

We distribute quality products

It doesn’t matter whether it’s innovating our range, creating inspiring packaging for the shop and shopper, deleting or changing products based on your feedback, or same day dispatch before 3pm – a generous attitude sits behind everything we do. If you succeed, we do too.

Cutting-edge solutions
Nursery Automation

Designed to increase productivity, bolster quality control, and give you an edge. Keen to discuss a customised solution?

Working Smarter Together
Our Partners

Working closely with our suppliers, our procurement systems allow you to be more efficient with your ordering, improve your bottom line, and get on with business.

Meet our team

At Primehort, an extensive product range is just the beginning. We’ve gathered some of the best people in our field.

  • Ernie

    Ernie Wearmouth

    Sales Manager

    Ernie leads the sales team and our strategic direction. A familiar face to most NZ Nurseries, he thrives in the industry.

  • Mike

    Mike Wearmouth

    General Manager

    Founding Director, Mike grew Primehort from the soil up. With roots in sales, his industry knowledge is invaluable.

  • Joel

    Joel Wearmouth

    Projects and Automation Sales

    Joel has a keen eye for tailored solutions that maximise productivity and yields for nurseries of every scale.

  • Lachlan

    Lachlan Bill

    Retail Sales

    Always a positive contributor to the team, Lachlan manages The Gardener range and inspires our retail customers.

  • Conrad

    Conrad Lewis

    Horticulture Sales

    Specialising in Landscape, Vineyards and Orchards, Conrad offers an in-depth understanding of the horticulture industry.

  • Rees

    Rees Bell

    Aftersales Technician

    Impeccable aftersales care is what drives Rees. He plays a key role in installation, advice and maintenance.

  • Tim

    Tim Osbaldiston

    Project Manager

    Tim brings a steely eye for detail and a diligent approach to greenhouse and nursery automation set up.

  • Chantelle

    Chantelle Crisp

    Administration and Sales Support

    Extremely efficient, Chantelle brings a high standard of communication and customer support.

  • Tegan

    Tegan Hoyle

    Procurement and Customer Relations

    Tegan maintains customer relationships and oversees procurement. Her creativity is appreciated by all.

  • Karina

    Karina Williams

    Telesales Trainer

    With over 15 years experience in sales and management, Karina is driving the telesales team at PrimeHort.

  • Pete

    Peter Robinson

    Operations Manager

    Peter’s hard working nature and reliability makes him a vital part of the team. His experience and knowledge is invaluable.

  • Stu

    Stuart Gowans

    Warehouse Logistics

    Stuart’s can-do attitude and strict adherence to a ‘3pm order deadline’ make him an invaluable member of the team.

  • Tanya

    Tanya Healey

    Financial Controller

    A Chartered Accountant with more than 30 years’ experience, Tanya provides strong financial direction and efficiencies.

  • Dana

    Dana Wearmouth

    Procurement Assistant
    Dana enjoys the challenges of purchasing and is focused on securing the best value for our customers. 
  • Pip

    Philippa White

    Marketing and Communications

    As a seasoned marketing specialist, Philippa brings ideas to life with compelling graphic design to grow our brand.

  • Kirsty

    Kirsty Millar

    Marketing and Communications

    Kirsty has been in marketing since 1998. She is responsible for showcasing products and building our profile in the industry.

  • John

    John White

    Marketing and Communications

    With over 30 years’ experience in marketing and design, John is skilled at brand engagement and creative direction.

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